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Annoying Web Design Trends You Should Try to Avoid

People, as a rule, love following trends. Of course, there is nothing really bad about that – without the ability to follow other people’s ideas you can’t be considered “cool” in the modern society. However, there is one issue with following trends when it comes to working as a professional in a creative field. Let’s take Web design for an example. When a designer is hired, he’s generally expected to come up with an original layout idea for the client. If that doesn’t happen, and the majority of professional designers only follow trends started by someone else, the result is tons over tons of cookie-cutter websites that are so uninteresting that visitors, once they’ve visited a page once, don’t really want to come there again.

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Top Website Design Tips

Designing a professional and useful website isn’t very difficult if you know how to do it right. At the initial stages, it helps to learn what particular characteristics you like on a site. Analyze your favorite Internet pages from this perspective and try to find the most convenient way of offering your visitors information, services, or products online.

For more tips, read on:

1. Don’t bury the most important stuff

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Why Negative Space Is so Important in Design

In design, very often what you can’t actually see counts more than the visible elements of a picture. Negative space is indeed given much attention by designers. It has unique power that artists and other creatives value – the ability to emphasize and highlight the best details in an image.

Negative space is important not only for those working with images – whenever you create a Web page, you should also ensure there is enough white space left. Otherwise, visitors will be overwhelmed by all the content.

Here are the biggest advantages of negative space that designers should know:

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Top Design Competition Websites

Designers usually spend days or full months working on great websites for their clients, designing 24/7, and what do they get for this? Just some payment for work and not even a simple “Thank you”. Therefore, it’s not surprising many designers look for opportunities to not only show their amazing talents, but also get more than a normal pay for this.

Here’s your chance to make yourself a design guru in the eyes of the audience. Take part in competitions on these websites:

  • Design Museum

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Web Design Simplification Tips

Simplicity rules! It’s especially true for Web design. Simple websites look sleek, do not confuse the audience with inconvenient navigation, and just generally make a far better impression than complex sites, which typically confuse visitors. So, you can see how simplicity helps Web masters achieve the desired results, like bringing in more signups, sales, and subscribers.

If you have trouble creating simple pages, and you want to fix this, here is some design simplification advice for you.

1. Focus on essential elements

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Reasons not to Hire a Friend as Your Web Designer

Okay, if someone offers to do something for free that would cost a lot if you hired a third-party professional, you’re usually tempted to agree. But if your friend offers his Web design services like that, we caution you not to do business with that person. Why? Here are just a few reasons why this is likely to end badly for your site.

Reason #1: Web design is as good as its price

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Mobile Experience and Design

The latest statistics say that the majority of people use their smartphones more often than their toothbrushs, most people use their tablets when they watch TV. A lot of information that we have about people and mobile devices that they use is received from high-level info, but these data tell us little about what users do on mobile websites and apps.

Statistics gain some facts about people’s behavior, but nevertheless, these facts are not profound. Surveys reach at some feelings that people experience about the website after using it. So the only method to gain insights to improve the experience is to perform slow work of observing it revealing and asking correct questions.

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Mobile Behaviors and Web Design

The latest data show that the number of people who possess smartphones uses them more frequently than their hair brushes. Analytics study behavior of the people, but still stay on the surface. Polls illustrate some feelings that users take away from websites after visiting them. The only method to learn more and to make user’s experience better is to watch it developing and to ask certain questions.

Here are several things about the mobile experience that can help you to make an app that will gain everybody’s attention.

Sound is the uncelebrated hero

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Things You Must Know before You Hire a Design Company

Any respectable company working in the Web design field will ask you to sign a contract with them – they can’t start working for you without this paperwork. But before you put your signature on any of their documents, think really carefully about whether this is actually the firm you want working on your project. Note that as soon as the papers are signed, you don’t have the right to change the agreement with the company. So, make sure the rules laid out in the contract do not have any hidden pitfalls.

Double check the following things before you sign any papers:

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About the Importance of Intuitive Web Design

The social media has a wild engaging power that has significantly changed the Web marketing game.  These days, people are interacting online all the time, continuously checking their Facebook and Twitter accounts to share their personal experiences and read about others’. They don’t like difficulties in accessing information, so you see why it’s so important to create an intuitive design for your site. Without a clean and simple structure of pages, your business online presence will quickly slide into unpopularity. And that’s not a goal you had in mind when you first created an Internet page for your company.

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