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Web Design – Functional or Fancy?

Fancy Web designs with lots of extremely flashy graphics and content might perfectly showcase your creativity as well as attract people’s attention. However, as a professional designer, you must remember that your primary goal is to construct a design that will work. So, functionality should be your main priority, if you don’t want to be left out of business. You see, nobody needs a pretty site that doesn’t display all the content right and has illogical navigation structure.

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Does Visual Rhythm Work for Your Web Design?

Many designers work hard to establish the correct visual rhythm for a website while trying to refine overall performance.

There are many talks in the technological industry about the technical sides of a “fast” site. And this is reasonable: page loading speed is highly essential. But we can add that page designs that present nice visual rhythm is pari passu essential, particularly if a page is rather long and contains lots of graphics and copy.


How to Integrate the Cutting-Edge Tech into Your Design Practice

Are you tempted to experiment with the latest innovative technology? Bear in mind the following tips to ensure you do it correctly.

The constant development of technologies presupposes that designers have a great variety of possibilities to experiment with amazing innovations, for instance, 3D printing, projection mapping, augmented reality. Though if you’ve decided to plunge into the latest cutting-edge technology then you should remember a few useful things. Here’s a tech innovation checklist that will help you make sure you are moving in a right direction. 

Disregard the technology

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Best Practices for Effective Web Design

Creating beautiful and unique websites gets harder and harder every day. There are many Web design techniques out there to try out, but creating something absolutely fresh is difficult. However, you can choose the tried-and-true approach. Here are a few great Web design practices using which you are almost sure to create an astoundingly beautiful, if slightly generic, website.

1. Vivid colors

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Wed Design Innovations

Every year is special for those who work in the sphere of the World Wide Web as it brings new ideas and elaborations in web design that are called innovations. So here are the up-to-date web design innovations that will inspire web designers to become even more creative.

Simple color schemes

We can’t but mention the color used in web design. Nowadays there’s a tendency to apply quite simple color schemes while designing websites. Simple in this case means the usage of one or two colors.


Poor Text Treatment Can Spoil Your Website

It’s very easy to fall into a trap when you start your carrier in web design. Here is one of the most common mistakes, so learn it and learn the way to avoid it.

Poor text treatment

Beginners very often make texts look too small. Earlier it was OK to use the default HTML font size as websites had to fit the resolution of user’s desktop, but nowadays when there are high definition monitors, it’s possible to use bigger fonts.  


Proper Use of Illustration on Websites

Illustration can append character, sincerity and personality, to the web design. Nevertheless, it can deteriorate communication and interaction if it’s of bad quality.

It’s significant to be certain that there is an obvious distinction between interactive components and illustrative content. This will not only give attractive general look, but also it will be handy to navigate through and make any action, for instance, signing up for latest news.

Various Styles

Various ways can be applied for differentiation between interaction and illustration. Nevertheless, it’s better if navigation components, buttons and calls-to-action are made in the style that differs from that of the illustration on the remaining part of the page, to succor them stand out.

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2014 Web Design Trends

Even if you’re not a professional web designer, after spending hours online on a regular basis, you will start noticing discernable design trends that are used by many website creators. For designers, it’s especially important to be aware of such things. These trends can be used in different Web design projects. In this article, we’d like to share a few trends that are growing on the Internet in 2014.

1. Highly focused landing pages

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Web Design Mistakes Every Beginner Makes

An essential element of learning is experimenting and, surely, making mistakes. The majority of beginners make the same kinds of mistakes while designing a website. Fortunately by identifying those mistakes here, you’ll get an opportunity to avoid them.

Absence of complete vision

Every website is created for a certain reason, to offer entertainment, present information, sell a product or let the user to carry out a task. Each element placed on the webpage must serve its purpose. Look through your web design: each element’s function must be clear, and everything that doesn’t correspond to this purpose must be deleted. The clickable things must look like they can be clicked on – you can reach this through designing as buttons or any other visual system, underlining, the basis is to be consecutive.


New Tendencies in Web Design

Those whose life is inseparable from the World Wide Web look forward up-to-date things to be applied in their work every year. The majority of the trends which gained popularity last year are around nowadays. But let’s have a look at those that are becoming popular today.

Greater focus on mobile

Nowadays responsive Web design is penetrating deeper in our life, and we observe websites coming closer to our mobile lifestyle as well. Designers are working hard to make their sites function on mobile phones, and producers are moving forward to create devices that can access Web. As a result, more users can use their mobile devices to surf the Net.