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Design Trends that Will Surely Survive 2015

People’s tastes in regards to Web design change very fast, and all the designers who want their work to be appreciated have to adjust their techniques constantly. It may be really hard to keep informed about all the current trends – it is even nearly impossible. That’s why we suggest you concentrate on learning the ones that will not pass by tomorrow’s afternoon. These hot trends are here to stay, at least for 2015.

1. Few pages

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About Sketch 3

Let’s talk over the latest version of Sketch – a highly anticipated tool created by Bohemian Coding which has just been released and has already become a real sensation in the world of Web development. It’s a convenient application that keeps promising a lot, and it delivers amazing results that keep designers satisfied consistently, one version after another.

True, versions 1 and 2 did lack certain features and overall they didn’t have the polish of a more high-class tool. However, with Sketch 3, we can actually see a piece of professional-grade work.

About the creators

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Advice for Designers: Boost Your Personal Brand

Perception is everything, especially in the business world. Creatives usually grow to fame thanks to the fact that people find out about them, not necessarily their work. It doesn’t mean you must exaggerate your accomplishments. You should just learn what your personal brand is about and then grow it in quality, so that your future clients really feel happy they have you onboard. Here is some advice that will help you do just that:

Stand up for yourself

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Essential 2015 Layout Trends

The Web seems to be changing all the time, but if you really think about its content and compare it from year to year, we won’t find any big differences. When it comes to layout of Internet pages, there’s clearly a pattern that has been used for the past decade (at least) and it still hasn’t changed much.

Still, each year brings some new ideas, and to be a successful designer, you have to follow them constantly. That’s why we suggest diving into recent Web design trends so that you can know which elements to use in layouts in 2015.

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Fresh Useful Resources for a Web Developer

A developer’s toolkit must always contain lots of carefully selected items, but no matter how full it is, you can’t consider it unchangeable and final. Your fellow developers are working at creating new great tools each and every day. Therefore, you must be attentive and ready to try out up-to-date instruments.

The following resources will certainly be helpful for you, and they’ll make your work significantly easier.


This is an extremely capable generator of documentation that is completely free for users – its source code can be accessed via Github. There is a pretty lengthy feature list, so Daux.Io definitely won’t be a disappointment for you. It has integrated Google Analytics, a file editor, etc.

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Top Podcasts for Web Developers

Web development is an extremely fast-moving industry. Those who want to work in it successfully must make an effort to always stay in the loop. You can take hours each week to read the tech news and check the updates of your favorite IT sites, or you can diversify your sources of information and start using podcasts to follow the new ideas in Web development from all over the globe.

If you like this idea, check out each podcast from the list below and see which one is the most interesting personally for you.

ShopTalk Show

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Create Great Graphics Using Canva

Having good-looking, high-quality graphics is probably the best way to attract more readers to your website or blog. However, not everyone has the skills required for creating professional-quality pictures. Plus, pretty often, graphic design software suites are amazingly expensive and complicated. With such a steep learning curve and price, professional programs for graphics creation like Photoshop are impossible for a regular blogger to purchase and start using.

How to get started with Canva

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Web Designers and Web Developers – Is There a Difference?

Web designers and developers are so common these days – but do you know what these people do for? Who are they and can a person have a career in both these fields simultaneously? Let’s find out.

First of all, you should think about these jobs on their own, because they aren’t quite the same, though some similarities may exist.

Designers’ responsibilities

The role of a Web designer is to use graphic design and graphics software (like InDesign or Adobe Photoshop) to create a unique look for the Web presence of a company. They only care about the appearance of all the elements displayed, but to make their ideas come to life, they must be married with coding.

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Great Collaboration Tools for Web Design

Web designers are professionals who are most likely to collaborate with their fellows when working on a project online. And it doesn’t matter if you’re working at a company or as a freelancer – as a designer, you’re bound to find yourself in need of a developer or another designer to help with some aspect of your projects.

When you have to cooperate with someone long-distance, you have a few options. One of them is email, but it’s certainly not the most efficient solution. After all, you can’t send your files back and forth all the time. So, here are more modern tools that will let you share your work quickly and easily:

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Handy Tips for Keeping Your Palettes and Swatches Organized

Being certain that you have something on your computer, but not remembering exactly where it can be found is a really frustrating feeling. This is particularly true of various colors you have created and saved for your future design projects, just to lose them among your numerous swatches and palettes. It’s an absolute time waste to hunt through all your archives to find this little detail, but without it your project will just feel unfinished.

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